Teacups & Couture

For Your Eyes Only

Holy Crap! It’s like miniature artwork on  such a tiny space- the eyes! Makeup artist Katie Alvie obviously has the steadiest hands in the bizzzz. Here are portraits of  The Lion King, Nightmare Before Christmas, Aladdin, Alice In Wonderland and the skyline of NYC. This totally reminds me of that chick in Indiana …

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Porcelain Weapons

Check out these cool PORCELAIN weapons! Artist Charles Krafft really knows how to capture a deadly gun with the delicate Delftware Dutch-style ceramics. Eff windmills! Glocks and bunnies are where it’s at! These would make great dinner table center-pieces. He also did an Amy Wino mug complete with a crackie …

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Random cool stuff

  Check out these cool stuff I found on Like Cool. Censorship sunglasses– You’ll be walking around like the last page of Cosmo! This also appeals to the geriatric crowd after they get their eyes dilated. Eiffel Tower heels– I like how the tower is so pointy it can injure someone… …

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Dora Abodi- Fall 2011- Eclectic!

Hungarian designer Dora Abodi was inspired 17th century France, the movie Wolfman and sheepherders for her latest collection. I have to say, that is one effed up combination, however the collection actually is not all that effed up. I’m liking the extreme shoulders, although I have always  loved big shoulders since …

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