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Nice Globes You Got There!

Check out those globes! Somehow I feel like I just made a lewd joke. Anywho, these are vintage globes that Art on Globes customized into a cool conversation piece in your study (that is if you’re Thurston Howell III) ! Seriously, with the world’s borders changing almost every week ( since …

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Pearls Galore!

Australian design house Romance was Born is no stranger to avant-guarde styles as seen in their latest collection above. Explore their site, especially their collection named ‘Garden of Eden’ Spring 2007 for more unique pieces. My fave has to be the pearl outfit. It’s like that Prince song, ‘Diamond and …

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Ziv Gil Kazenstein 2010- Gorilla Wear-fare

The Central Saint Martins BA Graduate Fashion Show always has a few gems emerging that Teacups & Couture can count on for entertainment! And Israeli designer, Ziv Gil Kazenstein,  is one of those twinkly gems! Check out his  silk prints accented with ruffles and ruffles of Bobby Trendy’s scraps after decorating my …

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Ostrich Head

“Ostrich,” by Kawamura-Ganjavian Studios. It’s a basically a big sack for your head, in case you want to take an impromptu nap and don’t give a sh*t when or where. Kinda like that Nastyass Honeybadger… it just doesn’t care! Anywho, nevermind about how the hell you can breath in that …

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