Teacups & Couture

Pineapple Express

Russian designer Venera Kazarova showed her Fall 2011 collection in Moscow with mainly what looks to be wedding dresses. I love the theatrical quality of it all, however the pineapple reference is a bit strange. I know that pineapples are a symbol of hospitality from the pineapple hanging at the …

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Unusual Furniture

Check out these wacky pieces of furniture I found while scrolling the internet.  The cabinet in the first photo is pretty cool and is comparable to this pin art. That thing provided so much entertainment for my 7 year old self. Anyway, you can put anything into the cabinet and it …

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Baroque Eyes

  Designer Moo Piyasombatkul and a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins’ unveiled a collection called ‘Baroque Eyes’ at  Browns. Frames are embellished with a porcelain baroque scroll across the top. Moo ( what a hot name!) should’ve called it ‘Baroque MonoBrows.’ Even though it looks like something that fell off the …

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