Teacups & Couture

Baroque Eyes

  Designer Moo Piyasombatkul and a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins’ unveiled a collection called ‘Baroque Eyes’ at  Browns. Frames are embellished with a porcelain baroque scroll across the top. Moo ( what a hot name!) should’ve called it ‘Baroque MonoBrows.’ Even though it looks like something that fell off the …

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Stuffed Animals… Dissected!

If you ever wanted to dissect a frog, mouse, crocodile or Easter bunny  without the guts and gore , look no further than The Crafty Hedgehog. Complete with organs on display, these knit creations are sure to make anyone barf. Seriously, I can appreciate the craft going into to making a …

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Color Blocks by Martina Spetlova

Designer Martina Spetlova loves her primary colors and lego blocks (check out her website)! I really like the  jackets in the first photo. It’s like a a Rubik’s cube, legos and pleated blinds from my gyn’s office collided. In other words, it’s WINNING (copyright Charlie Sheen)! On another note (not really), …

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Sandra Jensen photography

Check out these cool photos by Norwegian Sandra Jensen! She is also the model in the most of the photos- what a gorgeous chameleon! And I believe the mooshmuffin baby in the photos is her babyfriend. I can’t resist a baby’s butt! Sandra works with the fantastic Fam Irvoll regularly and …

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Creepy Decomposing Victorian Dolls

Well, well, well….. what do we have here? It’s the American Girl Doll: Scare-the-children-and make-them-mentally -unstable-for-life Collection! Normally, I don’t post such gruesome things, but these dolls from Space Ghetto were exceptional since I can’t resist dolls with lace dresses. I don’t care what the face looks like, if it has …

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Porcelain Tea Cups to Wear

  Check out these porcelain dishware  dresses by Li Xiaofeng. It’s like so cool, yet so dangerous! If one piece breaks and cuts you, you’re kinda screwed. I wonder how he affixed the porcelain into a dress shape. Completely amazing, if you ask me. This is one to wear to …

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