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Granny Cross-stitched Tattoos

   Turkish Tattoo artist Eva Krbdk specializes in cross-stitch tattoo designs when she’s not hogging consonants for her last name. Vowels are so passe. Any who, these tattoos are pretty awesome because it has a granny -chic quality to it. I’m always down for granny chic mixed with punk, so this is right …

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World Bodypainting Festival

Who knew there was a World Bodypainting Festival?? Apparently, every year in Austria thousands of people gather to paint their who-ha’s and whatnots in the name of art. Sounds like The Midsummer’s Night Party at the Playboy mansion minus the herpes. Any who, people have been attending this festival since 1988, when …

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Pajama Party

Check out this pajama- inspired collection  by Japanese designer Harcoza! I went on their site and I’m in love love love with everything on there. A little trick I learned from my last trip to Japan- when the yen is written like this 4500… fear not! It’s only US$45! You just have …

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Sibling- Menswear- Spring 2016- Jock Walk

The catwalk was brimming with all things football at Sibling. It was like a the Patriots went  fabulous and gay … it was pretty awesome. Deflate gate , who? Nothing was deflated on these men! Any who, sequined football jerseys…. I feel like I’ve seen that before in a Village People video …

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Knit Kimono

Check out these heavy knit kimonos by Peruvian designer Jorge Salinas! Each one must weigh about ten  Mr. Miggins... that’s heavy! Who needs a sauna when you’ve got these heat cocoons… Any who, this exists and they are very, very awesome. photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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