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Gorgeous Book Covers by Mandarin Duck

Latvian artist company  Mandarin Duck creates the most fantastic book covers ever! And they all look like their going fly, jump, hop or grow right towards you because they’re all in 3D! Lovely little works of art perfect for a journal or diary… Check out their Etsy store  for more gorgeous creations…. photos: …

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**New Japanese Designer Alert**

Here are some photos from The Soen Awards 2015 in Tokyo . The Japanese always have their own eclectic style that I love love love! Usually there’s some sort of Samurai style mixed in with street hobo. Any who, read more about these budding designers here at Tokyo Fashion Diaries.  photos: Tokyo Fashion …

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Surf Suit

This is so James Bond! It’s the True Wetsuit JP by Quiksilver- a wetsuit that doubles as a business suit priced at $2,500 USD. If I was a surfing kinda dude, I’d save my pennies for this spectacular ensemble! I have a neoprene skirt suit from Hysteric Glamour that I …

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Boxed Monsters

A Pennsylvanian company named  Fine Line Workshop takes wooden boxes and transform them into mythical monsters complete with scaly, leather skin, protruding teeth and glass eyes. These little treasure boxes are completely handmade and are waiting to start their adventure at home with you! I’d totally carry one around. I’d also …

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Australian artist Kirstie Williams has made fascinators that resemble octopus out of Beyonce’s retired hair weaves and they look fantabulous! The eyes make them extra creepy and the curled ‘tentacles’ give it a nice ‘sweet’ factor. It’s all about balancing sweet and creepy! Any who, I’d wear his on my head …

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The Causes and Cures- Eye Wrinkles

The Causes and Cures- Eye Wrinkles Do you think that you will not get the crows feet just because you are in your 30s? Do you believe that only 50+ people/ senior citizens must worry about wrinkles? If yes, then you are gravely mistaken. Even though age is a major …

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