Teacups & Couture

Ruffled Feathers

Artist Lucy Glendinning has all of us hiding under our beds after her last installation. Who knew that humans covered in feathers would be creepy!? It’s like KFC’s new chicken experiment gone haywire! It’s like Chernobyl crossed with Foghorn Leghorn! This could be a premise for a horror movie. Anywho,  this exists and …

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Phiney Pet- Spring 2015- Cartoon Quality

Phiney Pet’s Spring 2015 collection was Harajuku raver’s dream! I love a childish twist on fashion…. keeps us all young, doesn’t it? Any who, Phiney Pet is a seriously strange name…. what does it mean, where is it from, who is this Phiney Pet???Check out their site for more oddities …

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Avant Garde Creations by Hideki Seo

  Check out the designer Hideki Seo‘s latest book with all sorts of avant-garde creations. Apparently, he works closely with designer Azzedine Alaia on a technical clothing-making level. I can’t help but think of NYC’s Muffinhead … It’s like the chicken or the egg- which came first? Hideki Seo or Muffinhead?? photos: …

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