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Dutch designer Yvonne Poei-Yie Kwok (whatta hawt name!) interned for Viktor& Rolf, so that automatically makes her immune to my snarky comments. But, I’m gonna let you read what her latest collection is about:

“Yvonnes’s  graduate collection is about the battle with the mental disorder caused by the restrictions within the fashion system where pressure plays a major role. With reference to the marionette “a person who is in the service of someone else”, she wants to make a mockery of this subject.”- Fashion 156

Yeah, okay. I have to say I find it comical that some people take fashion so seriously! It’s a damn dress, for christ’s sake. But don’t mind me, I smell bullshit (and baby poo) a few miles away. I guess you can call it a gift. Anywho, this collection has a slight resemblance to Manish Arora.

photos: Fashion 156


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