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Random Cool Stuff- Part #2,849

Check these random cool and weird stuff !

– Snails by  Soul Fun– These colorful, slimy creatures can hold your teabag in place or mark your cup at a party! Really, really adorable, especially if you’re into escargot.

-“The Exhaust Burger is a concept by a team of Iranian industrial designers submitted to Design Boom‘s Dining in 2015 contest” according to LikeCool. Seriously, I have doubts about eating a hamburger cooked with chemical-laced exhaust fumes. Although, it sounds cool, it probably would taste horrid. But, I bet this would take off in da ‘hood, though. Or even Appalachia or something. You can cook your own road kill! Possum burgers! Honey Boo Boo  just got rid of this for the Exhaust burger.

-The Dumbo Folding Bunk Bed from designer Roberto Gil at Casa KidsIt’s a cabinet/bunkbed ! This so cool for tight spaces and couldn’t totally be a guest room/kids room bed. If you get over the prison bunked look, this could definitely work, especially if it was painted in contrasting cool colors.


photos: Like Cool




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