Random Cool Stuff: Part 3,764

Astronaut-Duvet-Cover-1 Astronaut-Duvet-Cover Table-Created-Entirely-Of-Dried-Out-French-Bread_1 Yanomani-shoes

Here are some cool random stuff to break up a bit the multitude of  fashion week posts!

– Astronaut Duvet Cover –Designed by Dutch Snurk, these sheets will make you drift off to space every night. Love these!

-Baguette table– From the Polish firm Studio Gyalik, stale bread really is stiff as board! Some people like crunchy bread, as for me, I dive into the center dough part and leave behind the crust. Anywho, I’m sure your resident mice would love this all-you-can-eat buffet called the baguette table.

The Yanomani cultural shoes -By designer Breno Cintra. The shoes are based on  the Brazilian aboriginal tribe Yanomani. Totally looks like a fruit bowl from Pier One Imports. 


photos: Like Cool

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