Reed +Rader’s eye tricks!

Those Reed + Rader artists! Always trying to freak us out with their twitching and what not! Silly, I’m not falling for it again! This time, it’s not heroin shakes, but just some blinking and turning, etc. Nothing frightful… except that last lady sneaking up all creepy-like. (These are supposed to be animated GIFs, but for some reason wordpress is acting a fool doesn’t want to animate these lovely photos. So head here for the animation. I swear it’s not in my head all these movements!) I’m loving the Victor & Rolf layered men’s shirt dress that most! I have to say the second photo is like what I do when I’m boarding an airplane. I pile everything on so I don’t have to check any luggage. I get stares, but who cares- really. So what if I have 10 layers of shirts and a down comforter on while boarding a flight to NYC in July?Right?? Anyway, check out Reed + Rader‘s awesome website for more animated photos.

photos: Reed + Rader

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