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RIP Prince 1958-2016

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RIP Prince 😥 #tbt 2 the time I wanted to become a Dancer for the Purple One. It was a life long aspiration that never came. I saw him concert only Twice, but he left in impact on me since I was 7 with the song ‘raspberry beret’. I ran out and bought a raspberry beret at the local thrift shop after seeing that video. And so, my quest to find Prince had began. Throughout my early adulthood, I found myself styling my hair and make up like Carmen Electra. I remember when I was 18, I took a family trip to Florida and I was obsessed with finding his nightclub ( which had been a secret club only open to die hard fans and friends). I never found it. I took a trip to Paisley Park in Minnesota about 10 years ago with my father. I looked upon the gates like it was some kind of magical palace. I was too shy to ring the buzzer. I like to joke that if I did ring the buzzer, he’d banish me to a purple, velvet dungeon for disturbing his peace. I have a million Prince stories about how he influenced me throughout my life….Anywho, thanks for the inspiration and music ( my god, his music was the best!) Prince… Take 2 heaven- meet you in my dreams …. ❌⭕❌⭕💋💜💜💜 Roxy

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