Sensory Face Mask

Eidos-Sensory-augmentation-equipment-1 Eidos-Sensory-augmentation-equipment

Students Tim BouckleyMillie Clive-Smith, Mi Eun Kim and Yuta Sugawara  of The Royal College of Art in London have invented a  headset/face mask that can adjust sound and sight to the wearer’s preference. Basically, it’s a personal tuner for your face and it’s called Eidos.

Two things: How does it know to adjust the sound on mute when someone annoying is approaching? and how does it know which ugly face to block out?? I need to know this.

I would put my settings on – block all human sound and sight/Turn on all cat sounds and sight. I would be living in my own perfect world! A world of cats! Yeah, I’ll probably hear every alley cat in heat groaning and yelping, but it’ll be music to ears! I can finally amplify Mr. Miggin’s high pitched, David Beckham voice! I can finally hear the music of angels via Miss Mimi’s nagging for snackums! I can also hear Miss Coco’s bitchy wails at Mr. Miggins. Eidos…. take me away. By the way, the face mask looks hellafug.

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