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SnailPrimp Pop-Up Spa in Los Angeles

My new friend, Escar Go. Thanks, Bo for the photo!

If you want to slow down the aging process, you may want to go the SNAIL way! Recently, I was invited to a pop-up spa to experience the luxury of having a snail facial courtesy of a company called SNAILPRIMP at the rooftop of the hip, downtown Los Angeles hotel, the ACE hotel. At first, I thought maybe I would have an army of snails sliding around my face for 20 minutes, but I was mistaken. The high-end mini-facial consisted of a face mask sheet drenched in snail secretions (is it technically, snail jizz? Don’t answer that.), snail cleanser, snail toner, and snail cream. Anywho, the whole experience was actually very relaxing and left my skin feeling FABULOUS! After the 30 minute treatment, my skin was dewey, supple and ready for a spin around town. Snail extracts work by stimulating new collagen, by repairing sun damage and scars and by deeply hydrating skin…and it’s been and still is all the craze in KOREA for years and years! The event was sponsored by MailChimp and featured snail-themed cocktails, massages, a snail terrarium ( I made a new snail friend, as you can see, and named him Escar Go) and a GIF booth. Check out their instagram at @snailprimp. What are you waiting for? GET SNAILPRIMPED!

photos: Snailprimp, moi, & Bo

Special Thanks to Snailprimp for an awesome day!!

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