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Somber Kitty Portraits by Marion Peck

Rhode Island School of Design graduate Marion Peck produces some incredibly, lovable-yet – creepy art. Her art reminds me of the same mood as Mark Ryden, but slightly more kitschy. The kitty portraits are the best! They all look like they were given a long-ass bath prior to the portrait. Calgon took them away and then spit them out all soggy and cold! Poor things. Anywho, that yodeling couple in the third image look like something out of Shrek! The other thing I love about Marion’s work is the attention to detail , like the headless, bloody chicken in the back ground and Coco’s lower half behind a fence in that same artwork.  Brilliant!

photos: Marion Peck

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  1. Re: Shrek people – I was thinking that one of the kitties had to be related to Puss in Boots, it’s that big eyed innocent look they do before they rip your hand off. And I’m enjoying the 18th century style lady with the bushbaby on her head – that’s a look I could go for most days, I have enough hair. ..

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