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Spookshow Pinups By Ant Lucia

DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-1 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-2 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-3 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-4 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-5 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-6 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-7 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps-8 DC-Comics-Superheroine-1940-s-PinUps

Check out these lady super heroes as 1940’s pinups by artist Ant LuciaI love that pin-up look, but lately I feel like it’s been overdone and can get a little cheezy… I was really into pin-up stuff probably about 10 years, but I guess it is a timeless look. Anywho, check out Ant’s site for more cool pieces of art called ‘Spookshow Pin-ups’.

photos: Like Cool

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