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Stuffed Animals… Dissected!

If you ever wanted to dissect a frog, mouse, crocodile or Easter bunny  without the guts and gore , look no further than The Crafty Hedgehog. Complete with organs on display, these knit creations are sure to make anyone barf. Seriously, I can appreciate the craft going into to making a tiny knit mouse liver. Knitting has to be one of the most tedious hobbies ever. It can also be very addictive. My son once brought home a crochet thingy that needed to be finished and so my OCD took over. I didn’t put it down until the damn yarn ran out. It was like crack, yo! Like, I didn’t even care if I did it wrong, I just needed to finish it! Five hours later the crochet thingy was a knotted, wonky crochet thingy. Anywho, these anatomically correct specimens can be found at The Crafty Hedgehog.

photos: The Crafty Hedgehog

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