Sweet Dreams

Japan-s-Bread-Beds-1 Japan-s-Bread-Beds-2 Japan-s-Bread-Beds-3 Japan-s-Bread-Beds

While we’re on the subject of messed up Japanese products….

You can find these creative beddings masquerading as sweet rolls and bread at Felissimo in Japan. The question is…. do they make Cronut sleeping bags?? Because that would be perfect to sleep in a cronut sleeping bag while waiting in line for a cronut. Anywho, the bread slices are great for recreating ‘cat breading’. I gotta get around to ‘breading’ Miggins… I’m still planning Minky and Miggins’ wedding, so stay tuned for that celebration of the century. These retail about US$160. (remember, you gotta drop the last 2 numbers when converting from yen to US $).

photos: Like Cool

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