Sweet Sweaters

YUMMMMMMM! Mr. Gugu & Miss Go have taken the most yummy, delicious foods on earth, magnified it and put it on sweaters. Who needs a three piece suit when you can wear this everyday!? My personal pick is, of course, the delectable treat made from crushed animal carcass masquerading as a tiny plump bear- the gummy bear. My most favorite candy of all time has to be Nerds. They’re tiny, but pack a lot of chemical punch. I’m partial to the grape flavor. Although, the packaging sucks, I always get a nerd or two stuck in my nose. Anywho,  Mr. Gugo and his b*tch, Miss Go have to get on making Nerds sweaters, STAT.  They also are coming out with animal sweaters soon, so reserve your kitty sweater today!

photos: Likecool

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