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Buttoned-Down Socks

  Check out these awesome socks  by Japanese designer Erimaki Sox ! They’re like little shirts for your feet! How cool! They come in a variety of patterns, including strips (so nautical) and gingham (It’s a picnic… ON YOUR FEET! ) I wanted to order a pair or two, but the website is …

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Burger Bangles!

Check out the awesomeness coming out of Just Like Honeyee!! It’s the burger bangle!! I’m not a huge fan of hamburgers, but I would most definitely wear this work of art around my wrist. It costs about US$140 and ships from Japan. Yes, Please!!! photos: James St. James Tweet

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Garfield x Lazy Oaf

Remember that fat cat that loves lasagna, watches TV all day and has that droning, monotone voice? Garfield….. anywho, that lazy ass managed to get a  merchandising deal with Lazy Oaf! It’s a match made in heaven! Even though I’m a mega cat-lady, I’m not really jumping to buy a …

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Olympia Le- Tan- Fall 2014- It’s Magic!

  For inspiration, Olympia Le-Tan clearly has been downing martinis in a second-rate Las Vegas Casino while watching a cheesy magician do his thing for the millionth time…. I have to say, those shows are the BEST. Mainly, because I can sit back and people watch the audience ( I …

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