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The Art of Maleonn Ma

Chinese Artist Maleonn Ma takes the most effed up dreams and makes them into lovely art. Seriously, these are things you dream when you eat that late night pizza with buffalo chicken on top. I don’t know about you, but when I eat heavy, spicy meals late night, I dream up …

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The Demise of Books!

Artist Robert The has found a way to put those Encyclopedias to good use- a broom! I have a story about Encyclopedias ( remember this sessy Encyclopedia dude?), by the way. When was in junior high, no one really used the internet for anything yet, not even porn! Can you imagine …

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Pretty Potholes

Who says you need to fix roads? Just send artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera to knit the holes away! They just need to set her up on the side of the street with a lawn chair and some knitting needles so she can get on each pothole as it comes along. Put …

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A Stitch in Time

Check out these cool magazine covers and fashion ads by Inge Jacobsen– she stitched these by hand and each cover took her 2 months. That’s a lot of patience! Once upon a time, I used to needle-craft like an golden-aged, church lady on a mission! It was addictive and I would …

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Lorenzo Nanni’s Strange Art

Check out Paris-based artist  Lorenzo Nanni’s designs. I can’t help to think of mold, petri dish growths. But, I’m in a yeast infection sort of mind , so don’t mind me… maybe Lorenzo is, too! I am digging the corset that looks like intestines. It’s like the inside has been …

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Unusual Furniture

Check out these wacky pieces of furniture I found while scrolling the internet.  The cabinet in the first photo is pretty cool and is comparable to this pin art. That thing provided so much entertainment for my 7 year old self. Anyway, you can put anything into the cabinet and it …

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