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Porcelain Tea Cups to Wear

  Check out these porcelain dishware  dresses by Li Xiaofeng. It’s like so cool, yet so dangerous! If one piece breaks and cuts you, you’re kinda screwed. I wonder how he affixed the porcelain into a dress shape. Completely amazing, if you ask me. This is one to wear to …

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A chandelier that doesn’t sparkle!

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga used old bike chains, rims and spokes to make the most unglamorous chandelier ever! It’s like Joan Collins without the shoulder pads. It’s like Farrah Fawcett without the Charlie’s Angels hair. It’s like Zsa Zsa without her hands to slap police officers.  How can a chandelier not …

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Christian Tagliavini- Cardboard Art

Italian Artist/ photographer Christian Tagliavini has a way with cardboard! Check out the incredible cardboard couture. You can see the optical illusion of texture created with paint.  It’s like this post I did a while back but with clothes. There’s something cartoony about them that I really love. It’s too bad …

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Money, Money, Money

Artist Scott Campbell takes US dollars and creates an incredible piece of artwork out of it by folding and (looks like) laser cutting them. Defacing US property never looked better! The skull is pretty splendid, especially since  Dick Cheney most likely paid all of the US foreign aid like that. It’s …

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