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Grotesquely Beautiful Shoes

Israeli artist Costa Magarakis creates fantastically mystical sculptures out of shoes that are reminiscent of  the gothic works of Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Torro. These are so spectacularly splendid! The best part is you can order one of the works of art off his Etsy shop directly. My fave has to …

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Californian artist Andrew Myers follow up to his fascinating screw portraits  is this piece called “It’s Been A Long Day’.  He drilled in 6,500 screws into a plywood panel in the shape of a man’s dress shirt with oil paint and French newspaper clippings from the 1910’s- 1930s without the help of …

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Veggie Art

I’m not sure who the artist is behind this, but dayum!… this is great. As you may have noticed the first ‘painting’ is “The Son of Man” aka the painting of the dude getting totally photo-bombed by an apple. The second ‘painting’ is one of those creepy, disfigured Picasso faces. …

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A Bag for every Occasion!

Check out these cool, unique bags I found on Etsy! 1) Broundoor Sparrow bag– It’s a bag in the shape of a Sparrow-friend! So cool…. this is great for a stroll through the woods or something equally quaint like that. 2) Momento Mori Bag– Okay, this bag is super cool because from …

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Easy Canvas Prints- GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

I don’t usually do give aways , but this was really cool, so I had to share! It’s a site called Easy Canvas Prints that allows you to upload any photo and make it into a beautiful canvas print in any size. I decided to make this into an 8×10 …

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