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Techno Fashion

Australian designer Nixi Killick took a page out of Manish Arora‘s book and created a line of clothes that make you wonder what effed -up, super futuristic Bollywood movie did I run into and how can I get out? These are kinda cool if you plan on going to a rave in a …

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Red, Red Wine

Scientists in Australia had a brilliant idea to add a nasty bacteria to wine to transform it into the fabric of our lives- cotton. Seriously, this is something people at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting would brainstorm when their mentor is gone for a few minutes to the restroom. I mean, …

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Pearls Galore!

Australian design house Romance was Born is no stranger to avant-guarde styles as seen in their latest collection above. Explore their site, especially their collection named ‘Garden of Eden’ Spring 2007 for more unique pieces. My fave has to be the pearl outfit. It’s like that Prince song, ‘Diamond and …

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