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Holy ten head! Chinese artist Wang Zhijie paints these girls with huge ass eye and foreheads as wide as RiRi  for his latest collection. I, personally, love it. It’s like a gamine alien going to a rave. Fascinating! I’m gonna have to make these baby faces my screensaver. photos: Hi-Fructose Please …

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It’s A Boy!

You may have noticed I’ve been posting sparingly… it’s because I was in the middle of pushing out baby #3 aka my latest spawn! I’m surprised It’s a baby and not a cat. Mr. Miggins is calling Maury Povich, right now.  Anywho, once I get into a regular schedule with …

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Burrito Baby

It’s a Baby Burrito Swaddler. That poor child. Call me when there’s a Baby Crepe Swaddler. photos: Like Cool Please follow and like us:

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Breastmilk and Placenta Jewelry

I’m always astounded by all the earthy mommy crap there is out there. Yes, giving birth and having children is a small miracle, but the merchandising surrounding it is kinda annoying. I really do cherish my kids and what not, but the birth is wicked gross and messy and everything …

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Incredible Edible Cakes

DAYYYYYUUUUUM! Cake maker Annabel de Vetten at Conjurors Kitchen really knows how to make the edible look inedible! Those photos above are not props from American Horror Story, but actually cakes that you eat. I think the baby heads are the creepiest. They look like they were stung by a bunch of bad bees …

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