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Boobies and Bums Needlepoint

Artist Sally Hewett  has taken the old lady art of embroidery and stitching to a whole new ‘cheeky’ level. Although it may look like a wall of Cabbage Patch porn, it’s actually a statement about breast augmentations due to cancer and sucky things like that. Honestly, I just want to run up …

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Buns of Steel

The Shiridashi Butt Reveal Underwear . These are Japanese-made underwear made to reveal a  trompe l’oeil butt. I guess this one is a unisex butt because it looks like it could be a man butt or lady butt. And why is that dude jogging in underwear?? Anywho, I wonder if I …

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Screwy Sockets

Check out these wall socket stickers by artist Adrien Gardère. Basically the socket is either the butthole or nose of an animal. How cute! Must be hilarious when it sparks fly during a shock. HHAHAHHAHAHA! Yes, I’m 34 and immature. Anywho, I’d totally put this in my kids’ room but, knowing …

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Random weird stuff: Part 5,697

Photographer Markus Mueller is doing us all a favor with this T-shirt for plumbers. Because face it, boobs look like butts and butts look like boobs. Now if there’s hair involved, I think everything just sours in this situation. If they could only come up with a T-shirt for people with bald …

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Cheeky with a Bowl Cut!

At first I was going to pass on posting this collection by Elliot Ward-Fear, but then I saw the purple pants with the heart cut out to show butt cleavage and I just had too! I can see Prince wearing these. Actually, I would wear it…. to the mall! HAHAHAHAH! No. …

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