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Cat Couture!

My dreams have finally come true! Feline couture tailor/ fellow crazy cat lady  Takako Iwasa   has written a book called Fashion Cats! Basically, it’s a scrapbook of the hottest pussies (sorry, couldn’t resist) in the fashion world! Takako is Japan’s answer to Karl Lagerfeld. I said and it stands. (What Would …

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Nick Cave and the Soundsuits

Designer Nick Cave takes inspiration from African ceremonial suits and creates his own “Soundsuits” fashioned from a wide array of fabrics and found objects. These are perfect for freaking people out on the street or as a performance outfit on stage somewhere. Can you imagine the time it takes to make one …

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Alex Noble- Fall 2011- Decadent Decay

British designer Alex Noble has designed a few of Lady Gaga’s outfits(see below) and some of the window displays at Selfridges in London Well, lucky for us, he has designed a collection of fupe for us regular people!  The human body and decay seemed to be his focal point in …

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