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Octopus Ring

Check out this awesome ring by jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills… gold and diamonds! Love love LOVE!! This was a custom made piece, so, unfortunately, it’s not available to us commoners of the world.  But we can all pray for the octopus ring kickstarter… do it for Davy Jones!! If …

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Piers Atkinson – Fall 2012- Charming Hats

I love Piers Atkinson’s work and this season was no different. The jewel-encrusted animal print berets, the pom poms, the animal ears, the stuffed animals on the head, the BOWS! So, cool, but I do have to say the men’s hats are all sorts of freaky. I mean, who doesn’t …

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Pearls Galore!

Australian design house Romance was Born is no stranger to avant-guarde styles as seen in their latest collection above. Explore their site, especially their collection named ‘Garden of Eden’ Spring 2007 for more unique pieces. My fave has to be the pearl outfit. It’s like that Prince song, ‘Diamond and …

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