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Christmas Wrapping Dress

While most of us throw the wrapping paper into the fireplace after we open the gifts, Olivia Mears of Avant-Geek has been taking leftover Christmas wrappings and making ballgown dresses out of them. Christmas wrappings aren’t the only things she creates… she has a whole portfolio of cool creations ranging from …

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The Toe-Plow

Living in California, I’ve completely forgotten how much of a pain in the ass snow can be. When I hear New England (where I grew up)  is being blasted by a storm, I don’t think of plowing driveways, icy sidewalks and  freezing balls anymore. I think of cuddling with cozy …

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On the Green- Nail Art

Speaking of fleas (see below), these nail landscapes would be their playground ! Artist Alice Bartlett flocked some fingernails and created landscapes with the tiniest figures. Very cool- there seems to be whole trend of miniature landscapes lately. I don’t know about you, but flocked nails are pretty damn cool, in my …

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Random Cool Stuff

Mixtape Table– The Mixtape table by Jeff Skierka took him over five years to handcraft and is made from reclaimed maple and walnut wood. He has taken high school shop 11 times, so he pretty much knows his way around all those tools and saws and stuff. I remember I made a …

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DIY Miu Miu Glitter shoes

You know those bad ass Miu Miu sneakers from this past season? Well, I saw a pair at the Miu Miu store in NYC and just had to have them. Although $600 was a little too steep for me. It was about $500 overpriced- Seriously, ridiculous. Anywho, I stumbled upon …

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Cool Stuff for your Home

I woud love to have these hanging around my humble abode: -A literal heart vase by Veneri Design. Definitely roses (red or black) are flowers of choice! I’d even use ceramic markers to sketch some sort of tattoo on the heart. -Ceramic head juicers and ‘chia pets’ by Polly George. It’s like …

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