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Boobies and Bums Needlepoint

Artist Sally Hewett  has taken the old lady art of embroidery and stitching to a whole new ‘cheeky’ level. Although it may look like a wall of Cabbage Patch porn, it’s actually a statement about breast augmentations due to cancer and sucky things like that. Honestly, I just want to run up …

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All Stitched Up

File this under : That bitch is crazy. British artist Eliza Bennett must’ve run out of cloth because this crazy lady decided to stitch embroidery right into her goddamn hand. I have to say this is pretty hardcore. I had my lipliner and lip shade tattooed on for years, but I think …

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Tulle and Candyfloss

Check out these cool, embroidered outfits all handmade by  Tulle and Candyfloss ! They look really gossamer and ethereal and I’m sure it took a lot of hard work to dye it and manipulate it to look so fantastical. I believe they also glow in the dark, which would be great for a …

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Embroidered X-Ray Art

Philadelphia artist Matthew Cox wanted to capture the extremes of embroidery and X-rays. One takes lots of time and is reserved usually for leisurely old ladies covered in cat hair on the Bingo Bus to Mohegan Sun and the other a fast product required for health reasons and made in a …

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