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Is it Art or Craft?

What separates art from craft?  Ridsdel decided to figure out if something belongs on Etsy or in an art museum by peeling away the cover of various porcelain sets that granny might own. The surgical reveal shows a more intricate design of flowers… something more precious, in some circles. Check out …

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Mermaid Tights

How RAD are these??!! They are tights with mermaid fins made with silicone courtesy of TinkerCast from Germany. They come in a variety of gorgeous colors and even dragon scales for your inner Khalesi! Speaking of mermaids, that movie with Daryl Hannah in it , “Splash“, totally needs to be remade…. with cats! …

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Runaway Hobo Stick

What in hobo hell is this?! This is a real item for sale on Etsy. It will only set you back $59…. it’s a ‘hobo bindle’ for the lady looking for a bit of transient flair in her wardrobe. Honestly, if a carry a bindle, it would be strictly for the …

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Mouth and Ear Candles

For $18, Etsy seller artist uncannyartshop will send you one of these horrific candles to light your life. Seriously, these are candles that you send to an enemy…. forget the glitter, send them a creepy mouth candle! That way, as the candle burns and melts, you can see how Donatella Versace …

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Sinister Figurines

  Coffin Collector on Etsy takes those kitschy figurines you may find at a garage sale  (or in my living room) and transforms them into REAL works of art by adding sinister eyes, smiles and drops of blood. GENIUS! This is HIGH ART in my book! Check out his etsy shop for …

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