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Make A Wish……

“Dandelion” is a photo set by vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc and photographer Isabelle Chapuis. These photos are definitely unsettling, yet beautiful. They could totally trigger hay fever if you stare at them too long. Any who, these exist and so does a job named ‘vegetal artist'(???). photos: Bored Panda …

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Beautiful Burial

Since we’re on the subject of dead animals….Here is a series called “Natura Morta” by Maria Ionova-Gribina. Maria was bike riding along the sea somewhere in her native Russia where she found these cute dead little creatures. They all had one thing in common- they all said ‘bye, bitch’ without a proper send …

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Eye Heart Spleen

Artist Camila Carlow makes human organs out of foraged flowers, which, in my book, qualifies as a badass mofo. To make slippery, bloody organs look like gorgeous bouquets is pretty ingenious. My fave are the lungs in the first photo… Speaking of organs, I had an emergency C-section a few weeks …

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Blooming Art

Artist Lim Zhi Wei created these gorgeous sketches that incorporate the most colorful blooming flowers! So So gorgeous! These sort of remind me of those Papyrus greeting cards… Beautiful creations, just wondering how long it can last before the flowers start wilting and dying….. photos: James St. James Please follow and like us:

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