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Shoe-Shi…. by Chef Yujia Hu

Chef Yujia Hu makes delectable shoe art from black seaweed nori, fish and sushi rice. He has done every kind of sneaker from Supreme to Nike to Adidas. Check out his Instagram for more outstanding sushi creations and be sure to check out #FishKicks for more unbelievable sushi sneaker art. photos: James …

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Snap! Krackle! Pop! Art

Check out these awesome rice krispie creations by   Jessica Siskin aka Mr Krisp ! Rice Krispie treats are probably one of my favorite desserts because they’re crunchy, sweet and gooey all at the same time. Some people think it’s like eating styrofoam, but I beg to differ. The butter is really the key …

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Tiny Food Art

It seems like everyone is playing with their food lately. Here’s the latest on food as art with Turkish artist Kasan Kale ( what an appropriate name for a food artist) painting on tidbits of food remarkable landscapes that could belong in the Sistine Chapel. Good for him, not good …

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Burger Bangles!

Check out the awesomeness coming out of Just Like Honeyee!! It’s the burger bangle!! I’m not a huge fan of hamburgers, but I would most definitely wear this work of art around my wrist. It costs about US$140 and ships from Japan. Yes, Please!!! photos: James St. James Tweet

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Knit Food

British artist Jessica Dance has knitted a series of food items out of yarn! And they look so realistic! My pregnant brain is CONFUSED! I want to eat them, but I know I’ll just get a mouth full of sock! Stop messing with my brain, Jess! Anywho, check out her …

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Food Art

I didn’t know that there was such a thing called a Food stylist, but Food Stylist Anna Keville Joyce has created a series of incredible works of art only involving food items. Being pregnant and all, I’d probably start nibbling here and there if I was on set until all the food …

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