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Chanel – Fall 2016- 1980s Nostalgia

Our favorite crypt keeper relayed the fashions of TV’s biggest show ever… Blossom ! The hats! the jeans! the dowdy, granny church lady cut! It was all so nostalgic. Not all of it was terrible, there were a few cool looks that I would totally wear, like the all the …

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The Art of Lostfish

How have I never discovered Lostfish before?? These works are RAD!!!!! Lostfish is from France and is completely self-taught. Ah- Maze- ing. I’m always drawn to the eerie, strange and disturbing when it comes to art. Let’s keep our eye in this newfound gem! photos: Who Killed Bambi   Please …

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Croissant Jewelry

Check out these croissant earrings by Petit Plat ! I love love love croissants, but not just any croissant. There are croissants that taste like cardboard (like those ones at BJ’s (not a euphemism) warehouse or Starbucks) and then there are croissants that melt in your mouth and conjure up all sorts …

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Supermarket Sweep

Check out these cool accessories by French designer Yazbukey ! So kitchy , so colorful, so clever! These are all items inspired from the supermarket. The clip on corsets are the best in my opinion. You just strap it on you , no lacing required! So, you can say yes to that …

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Copy + Paste

French photographers Metra Bruno and Laurence Jeanson have come up with the most brilliant idea ever! Just cut a magazine face and tape it to your face! This is the broke-ass way of cosmetic surgery. Although this is a great idea only if you’re hanging out with a bunch of near-sighted people who forgot …

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