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Fashion & Lego

Lego-mania is everywhere! Artist Finn Stone designed these lego heels that looks as random as a first grade art project. You could totally hot glue legos to a pair of Baker’s shoes if you wanted. If you wanted is emphasized. I have to say this  Lego wedding dress  by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of Daisy …

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Toilet Paper Dress

If you have a few rolls of toilet paper to spare, a few days and your sanity, maybe entering the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest is for you. These wedding gowns are made entirely of paper, so burn that b*tch will be easy after the divorce. The rules state to design a wedding …

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Biscuit Couture

Designer Larisa Katz  wore biscuit tins to a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Katz specializes in art couture for advertising, so this year she wore German-biscuit maker Lambert’s biscuit tins. This is pretty impressive. I love couture like this. Taking the unexpected and making something really exquisite and unusual out …

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