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Haute Hat

Latvian design house Mareunrols  really love black, although that’s not why I’m writing about them. It’s all about those HATS! How awesome is that??!It’s like a splash of ink on your head! That Pharrell should give up the Smokey the Bear hat and trade it in for this! I just want to …

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Olympia Le- Tan- Fall 2014- It’s Magic!

  For inspiration, Olympia Le-Tan clearly has been downing martinis in a second-rate Las Vegas Casino while watching a cheesy magician do his thing for the millionth time…. I have to say, those shows are the BEST. Mainly, because I can sit back and people watch the audience ( I …

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Dark Crystal

Well if Bjork wears it, it means it’s cool. Here are those urchin-like headdresses from milliner Maiko Takeda that make you want to make rock crystals from Borax. These are actually made from plastic and yes, they can mess a b*tch up with a head tilt. I like how your …

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Undercover- Fall 2013- Bunnies and Bones

Japanese brand Undercover showed their Fall 2013 collection in Paris with their models in bunny masks and garments with rib cages and innards printed on them. In other words, it was my kind of show. I do have to say the bunny ear thing is a little played out. I mean, when …

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Wicked Ugly Wicker Hats

Only in Japan is there a store dedicated to all things wicker – Tokyo Wani Department Store. It sounds like a Floridian retirement home times ten. Anywho, I went on their website and everything was in Japanese, so I’ll make up stuff like usual. One thing that they nailed down in wicker …

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Junya Wantanabe- Spring 2013- It’s all about the headgear.

Those hats! really, that’s the only reason I’m posting this collection because the raver-Blade Runner clothes aren’t really much to write about. I think the Hellraiser one is the best in the fourth photo.. I also like the studded one in the 3rd photo…. I wonder if I can take …

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