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Iris Van Herpen- Haute Couture- Spring 2017

Check out these cool designs by Iris Van Herpen! Honestly, here designs are super amazing and stuff, but I feel it’s the same thing every season. I couldn’t tell you one season from another.Maybe it’s the lack of color in all her collections? But, having said that, maybe that’s why …

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Iris Van Herpen- Fall 2016- Alien Chic

Here are some of my favorite looks from Iris Van Herpes’ (I mean, Herpen ) collection…. Her outfits are pretty cool in photos, so imagine the detail up close and personal. I’ve never seen her pieces up close, but I’m pretty sure I’d drool over them instantly. The first look …

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The Wearable Art of Matjia Cop

  Okay, that dress in the first photo reminds me of this cat helicopter that is so so wrong on every level, floor, and basement. There’s no telling where designer Matjia Cop got the inspiration, but I think it’s safe to say she really is a fan of post-it notes. I mean, who …

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ThreeAsFour- Spring 2013- Lacey and Spacey

ThreeAsFour failed to disappoint this time around with their Spring 2014 collection. Drat! I actually liked their collection- it was space age, new age, and my favorite, lace tea time tablecloth set all rolled into one. I saw a bit of Iris Van Herpen and a bit Lady Gaga in …

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