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The kost of Kardashian style

The kost of Kardashian style In the last few years Kim Kardashian West has made a name for herself in the world of fashion. Whilst her husband designs his own fashion collections under Yeezy and with Adidas, Kim is dressed by top designers in fashion forward outfits. Her style is …

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Balmain- Fall 2016- Kardashian Invasion!

According to designer Olivier Rousting, this season’s Balmain collection was inspired by the garish Kim Kardashian-West. When I first looked at the collection, I thought it looked like somethings she would wear and I thought to myself how cheap and basic, with the exception of a few choice outfits. Then I read …

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The Eerie Art of Hugh Kretschmer

Dang. Dang. and dang. These images are giving me creepy vibes … and I like it! This is the art/photography of Hugh Kretschmer. That guy knows his way around photoshop. The Kardashians should put him on their payroll because he is that good. Anywho, I highly recommend clicking over to his site…. …

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Buns of Steel

The Shiridashi Butt Reveal Underwear . These are Japanese-made underwear made to reveal a  trompe l’oeil butt. I guess this one is a unisex butt because it looks like it could be a man butt or lady butt. And why is that dude jogging in underwear?? Anywho, I wonder if I …

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Headless Portraits

Check out these creepy 19th Century Headless Portraits . These haven’t been photoshopped recently, but rather they were created back in the 19th century with negatives and actual photographs. It was the beginning of photoshop! Now people photoshop smaller butts and bigger boobs- BOOOO! I’d like to see a headless Kardashian …

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Spooky headpieces by Erik Bergin

    Check out Erik Bergrin’s really avant-guarde art. Mostly, it’s masks and hoods that are sure to make you crawl under your bed in fear. Like that leather half mask in the fourth photo… it looks like a melted Kardashian face! And that wooden mask in the third photo is great …

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