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Chunky Knits by OHHIO

Check out these super-duper cozy knits by Ukraine company OHHIO. They look so luxuriously cozy and warm! Contrary to popular belief, giants did not knit these with ginormous knitting needles! It’s actually made with human arms as knitting needles. Talk about having muscle man arms after making a few of …

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Knit Kimono

Check out these heavy knit kimonos by Peruvian designer Jorge Salinas! Each one must weigh about ten  Mr. Miggins... that’s heavy! Who needs a sauna when you’ve got these heat cocoons… Any who, this exists and they are very, very awesome. photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries Please follow and like us:

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Knit Wit

Upcycled knitwear designer Katie Jones knitted a collection of witty knits that are sure to fit anyone that can sit and has a set of …. ____.(You fill in the blank!) A little tongue twister for ya… Any who, I love knitwear except I have to be careful it doesn’t make …

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Tokyo Talents

And this is why I love Tokyo! Check out these badass designs by up-and-coming designers competing for the prestigious SOEN Awards sponsored by SOEN magazine and Bunka Fashion College. For details on each designer and what not, go to Tokyo Fashion Diaries for the run down. My favorite is the chunky knit sweater …

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Knit Food

British artist Jessica Dance has knitted a series of food items out of yarn! And they look so realistic! My pregnant brain is CONFUSED! I want to eat them, but I know I’ll just get a mouth full of sock! Stop messing with my brain, Jess! Anywho, check out her …

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Armadillo Gloves

The weather is getting chillier, why not get a pair of armadillo mittens? Esty store muratyusuf makes these custom made gloves with the unusual critter sitting on top of your hand. It looks kind of like a rat. I think rodents are sort of cute, so I totally would get a pair …

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