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Marc jacobs – Fall 2016- Army of Goth

Holy deep, dark and depressed goth chick! I love love love it! I got Anna Sui vibes from this collection, but that’s ok because I love Anna Sui! It was like giant, goth dolls started stomping out of their purple and black Victorian houses in those huge boots and decided to …

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I’m Melting…..

Multi-media artist May Sum sure knows how to make a thing of beauty horrifically mutilated. Seriously, these lipsticks carved into Hollywood legends are all just a carve away from being the after photo of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.  If looking like a melted candle in the wind is the look, then …

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ThreeAsFour- Spring 2013- Lacey and Spacey

ThreeAsFour failed to disappoint this time around with their Spring 2014 collection. Drat! I actually liked their collection- it was space age, new age, and my favorite, lace tea time tablecloth set all rolled into one. I saw a bit of Iris Van Herpen and a bit Lady Gaga in …

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Glorious Glorious Meat

If in LA, stop by the Gusford Gallery to satisfy your meat and luxury item cravings – together! Artist Andrea Hasler has created “Burdens of Excess” through chewed up meat molded to Dior bags and Jimmy Choos. Seriously, my first thought was, are those Kim Kardashian’s cankles on display and did someone …

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Some effed up Heels.

Ever wonder what sadomasochistic people do in their down time. They wear effed up shoes like this that give them tendonitis, nasty blisters and wonky toenail situations. Seriously, this does not look fun at all. Is it me or does it look sort of paraplegic -ish? Anywho, Amsterdam-based designer Leanie van der …

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Lady Gaga x Barney’s

I know I’m super late on posting this but I was busy being lazy on the couch in my robe for the holiday break. Seriously, there were days where the only interaction I had was with my computer, cats, a six year old boy and the husband. Yeah. It was …

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