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Kit Neale- Fall 2013- Diner Chic

 Let’s dress up our Owen Wilson look-a-like models in 1980’s pajamas and Salvation Army clothes and have them pose in a greasy diner in the crappiest part of town! Yes, let’s!  said Kit Neale (not really). Here is the Fall 2013 collection from  Kit Neale. And, I totally  feel like a BLT (hold …

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Thom Browne- Fall 2012-Punked-out Quasimodo

Ummmm, errrr… Thom Browne has a strange obsession with making the silhouette (man or women) extra Lurchy. What makes this extra hilarious is the man skirts on the bottom and Quasimodo on the top. It’s a lady Quasimodo! Again those “Bring out the gimp” masks make a comeback this season. It’s hard …

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