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Mohawk Mania

I love love love mohawks. I remember when I was little I used to admire the punk look and vowed to have a mohawk one day. I also wondered why more people didn’t have pink hair and mohawks. I still wonder why. I mean, it’s passed being non-conformist. It’s really …

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Lady Gaga x Barney’s

I know I’m super late on posting this but I was busy being lazy on the couch in my robe for the holiday break. Seriously, there were days where the only interaction I had was with my computer, cats, a six year old boy and the husband. Yeah. It was …

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Cool Stuff for your Home

I woud love to have these hanging around my humble abode: -A literal heart vase by Veneri Design. Definitely roses (red or black) are flowers of choice! I’d even use ceramic markers to sketch some sort of tattoo on the heart. -Ceramic head juicers and ‘chia pets’ by Polly George. It’s like …

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