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Mark Ryden – Dodecahedron

On my last trip to NYC, I visited the Paul Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea to view the incomparable work of artist Mark Ryden. Ryder is one of my favorite artists, so when I discovered he had a new collection, I had to see it up close and personal! Two pieces …

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My Trip to New York City!

New York city is my most favorite city in the world, so it was a delight to go this month, especially during the holiday season! I took a red eye out of Santa Barbara, so I could spend an entire day to shop and site see and what not…. a …

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I always wondered who this guy was… I saw that photo of him on the subway and thought it was hilarious that no one really cares to oggle at him even though there is much to oggle at. His outfits are really, really creative and get an A+++++ in my …

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Kit Neale- Fall 2013- Diner Chic

 Let’s dress up our Owen Wilson look-a-like models in 1980’s pajamas and Salvation Army clothes and have them pose in a greasy diner in the crappiest part of town! Yes, let’s!  said Kit Neale (not really). Here is the Fall 2013 collection from  Kit Neale. And, I totally  feel like a BLT (hold …

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