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Selfie Nails

BUT WAIT….. THERE’S MORE!!! This is borderline INSANE and COOL. Like, it’s cool because who wouldn’t want their own face on their nails…? You’ll never forget what you look like… especially when each nail is a range of emotions like happy, sad, and resting bitchface. And INSANE, well, because DUH…. …

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Meet My Family by Colin Batty

Check out “Meet the Family” by Colin Batty from Portland, Oregon…. These are really old photos that Colin adjusted to really make a creepy impression. These oddities can be seen up-close and personal at Peculiarium.  This reminds me of that Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum in Hollywood... there’s a dinosaur on …

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Effed Up Stuff on Etsy

I haven’t been on Etsy lately because I feel like Pinterest is more interesting to look at these days. Unless I’m searching for a specific thing to buy, Etsy isn’t my go to search anymore. Anywho, I came across this collection of weird stuff on Etsy and I thought maybe …

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Wacky Styles from those Crazy Kids

These are more Graduate Fashion shows. I’m too lazy to list each and every designer, so feel free to click back to Style Bubble for the complete round up. I don’t get paid enough to that. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!  Anywho, that fishbowl backpack is the new goldfish …

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