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Haunting Paintings by Stephen Mackey

Artist Stephen Mackey  creates Victorian paintings with an indelible twist that is sure to make people look twice.  With titles like “Coven for One” and”Stepmother with Scissors”, the paintings conjure images of the macabre and the freakish. One thing that never escape his works are the images of woodland creatures and …

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Holy ten head! Chinese artist Wang Zhijie paints these girls with huge ass eye and foreheads as wide as RiRi  for his latest collection. I, personally, love it. It’s like a gamine alien going to a rave. Fascinating! I’m gonna have to make these baby faces my screensaver. photos: Hi-Fructose Please …

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The Art of Xue Wang

Check out these cool paintings by  Xue Wang. I love these melancholy, effed up sort of paintings that are mixed with sweetness. I do have to mention that these look a bit Mark Ryden-ish, which is a good thing since I love love love Mark Ryden. What draws me to …

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Veggie Art

I’m not sure who the artist is behind this, but dayum!… this is great. As you may have noticed the first ‘painting’ is “The Son of Man” aka the painting of the dude getting totally photo-bombed by an apple. The second ‘painting’ is one of those creepy, disfigured Picasso faces. …

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