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Chanel- Spring 2017 – Tech Couture

Our favorite crypt keeper, Karl, has definitely been reading up bedtime stories on WikiLeaks! His entire collection was based on the internet and the age of information and technology. Here are my favorite looks from the collection. I’m really loving the baseball caps in tweed. Those helmets that opened the …

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Chanel – Fall 2016- 1980s Nostalgia

Our favorite crypt keeper relayed the fashions of TV’s biggest show ever… Blossom ! The hats! the jeans! the dowdy, granny church lady cut! It was all so nostalgic. Not all of it was terrible, there were a few cool looks that I would totally wear, like the all the …

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Saint Laurent – Fall 2016- Disco Dolly

Disco hookers and Coke-sniffing 70’s socialites are rejoicing today because they finally have something to wear to their neighbor’s daytime pool party. I mean, they never would go in the pool… just sit by it. in the shade. away from the water. so they don’t get wet. or tanned. Any who, …

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