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Unusual Everyday Objects by Randy Lewis

  Check out these awesome photos of everyday objects with an unexpected twist! Artist Randy Lewis creates these clever images with the help of Photoshop for a stunning take on food, animals and other things. My fave has to be the Cauliflower Sheep…. it’s so cute and ….. YUMMY! Bhaaaaaaaaaa! …

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Amazing Make-up

Louisiana-native Stephanie Fernandez started dabbling in theatrical makeup since she was 14 years old. Now a college student, her works have become more and more intricate. It’s amazing what make up can do! Just look at Madge– although photoshop helped. Anywho, check out her site for more amazing works- my fave is …

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The Eerie Art of Hugh Kretschmer

Dang. Dang. and dang. These images are giving me creepy vibes … and I like it! This is the art/photography of Hugh Kretschmer. That guy knows his way around photoshop. The Kardashians should put him on their payroll because he is that good. Anywho, I highly recommend clicking over to his site…. …

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iPlate for PhotoShop Geeks

Photoshop nerd and designer Todd Borka has created the iPlate, a series of plates with the tools/screens printed on them to confuse you more about what you’re about the eat. It’s pretty cute if you’re a photoshop slave at a fashion/gossip magazine. Besides that, it’s pretty damn strange to have around the house. …

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