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Is it Art or Craft?

What separates art from craft?  Ridsdel decided to figure out if something belongs on Etsy or in an art museum by peeling away the cover of various porcelain sets that granny might own. The surgical reveal shows a more intricate design of flowers… something more precious, in some circles. Check out …

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Tattooed Dames

Check out artist Jessica Harrison‘s latest work featuring tattooed porcelain ladies! Her last collection was all about disemboweled ladies, this time it’s tattoos! I love this, but the gory aspect of the last collection really spoke to me. Tattoos are sort of run of the mill now, so it’s not really …

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Sketched Ceramics

British artist Katharine Morling created these fantastic sculptures out of  ceramic ! They look like that Marc Jacobs sketched mouse flats (I have a pair that I wear frequently) ! I am always amazed by artists that can create a piece out of one medium and then make it look like another medium… Hip …

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Ants in your Tea

German artist Evelyn Brackow of La Philie designed this stunning tea set crawling with ants! Where there’s a party, there’s sure to be ants! Honestly, if I didn’t know it was drawn on ants, I would freak the eff out. This is definitely something to whip out when the older guests come over for …

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Ghastly Porcelain

Whoa! These bizarre sculptures are made of the ever delicate porcelain, which gives it an even more creepy layer of strange. What I’m trying to says I’m confused if I should invite the piece over for  tea or go hide under my bed until next week. It’s a toss up. …

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Fancy Corn Cob Holders

I never understood corn cob holders. Like seriously, you don’t want to get your fingers dirty but you’ll get your face all corny from eating the damn cob face first. It’s like taking a shower, but not washing your face. I’m the type that just cuts the corn off the …

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