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Freaky Human Animal Sculptures by Kate Clark

Brooklyn artist Kate Clark uses animal hide and other animal parts and blends it into human form. In other words, she creates the creepiest sculptures that will make you hide under your bed hoping for animal control to show up. Even that dude from Narnia is slightly freaked out. Anywho, I wonder how Mr. Miggins …

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Bear Anatomy

  Artist Deborah Simon decided to rip off the fur and skin of Smokey the Bear because that’s something we all want to see, right? Actually, she sculpts these bears out of polymer clay and then paints on these amazing details that Hannibal Lecter would totally appreciate. This is like BodyWorlds but …

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Plastic Toy Sculptures

  No, that’s not Bruce Jenner’s face, but a sculpture made of recycled dolls and plastic toy parts by artist Freya Jobbins. Yes, it totally looks freaky and familiar  if you live in Beverly Hills because almost every lady over 35 looks like this mess in those parts.. pretty unfortch, if you …

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Bubble Gum Art

Violet Beauregarde needs to sit the eff down because there’s a new dude in town chewing bubble gum and spitting it out in the name of art. His name is Maurizio Savini and he ain’t messin’ around. Not sure if he has an army of minions chewing the gum or he …

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Hairy handbags by Taesok Kang

Accessories designer Taesok Kang must’ve had a run in with Peter Pan Dude, because he totally got inspired by his bowl cut hair and dedicated a handbag to him! Bravo, Peter Pan Dude! Anyway, Kang also was inspired by the multi-titty sculpture that stood in Soho  for years. They’ve taken it down …

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Landscapes made of Books

Artist Guy Laramee has a lot of time to kill with these incredibly detailed landscapes chiseled onto books, encyclopedias and anything else that the iPad killed. Seriously, I have to hand it to him for making such creations because a) it requires a super steady hand b) a lot of imagination and c) mad …

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