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Mr. Miggins has been toiling away sharpening his shanks and grooming his luxurious fur overtime for the new MIGGINS EMOJI app to be released! And the day has come where all his legions of fans can experience Mr. Miggins at his finest… through the emojis for your phone and tablets! …

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Clever Suitcase Stickers

  Check out these suitcase stickers that will have the TSA in a tizzy! These retail for about $12 at The Cheeky. Spending $12 to possibly get you a TSA fondle, miss your flight and get on the No-Fly list, basically. Sweet! I would have to choose the tied up stewardess …

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Got to Pick a Pocket or Two….

Check out this Peel & Stick Shirt Pocket by Ryan Vanderbilt! Instant pocket! Seriously, this is genius if you have a fug, plain shirt or pants and you want to snazz it up a bit. It’s also great to cover any sort of stain on your chesticle area or even on your …

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